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In the summer of 2011, while attending the Master in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster in London, Matteo travelled to Bosnia and Herzegovina to work on a project on the Bosnian national identity, which would have allowed him to complete his MA. In Bosnia, he got involved in a serious road accident in which he almost died. He unexpectedly woke from a four-month coma in October 2011. During this blackout he underwent several surgeries and a left leg amputation, but he comes back to life. Matteo’s professional vocation and passion is photography. He works mainly with analogue photography, the visual language made of flm, chemistry and time. Traditional photography forces you to slow down the pace and focus on the content, on your message. Just like the amputee’s body needs time to get used to a prosthetic device.

reaching the cape, the road trip

Two months on the road from Italy to the northernmost point of mainland Europe and back. A journey through diferent climates and landscapes, a long-awaited adventure on the road that Matteo now has the opportunity to undertake, thanks to a new, high-tech prosthesis. The core of the project lies in the fusion of technology and craftsmanship – a quality that relates to the photographer’s body and the photographic equipment. Various partners have already joined this project. Matteo will be using modular camera systems, personalized prosthesis, photographic flm, handmade printing, digital communication. In this project, everything is a hybridization of diferent elements aiming at the same goal: the celebration of beauty and life. This project represents a re-birth and a re-appropriation of what was at some point lost with the fear of no longer being able of getting over that loss. This rather intimate journey will be told through a mix of portraits, landscapes and interiors. Reaching the northernmost cape and coming back is a metaphor of Matteo’s experience. He will progressively abandon populated areas, moving across a desolate land and then come back to his home places and life. Matteo will travel with his friend and colleague Lucas Pernin, who will document the trip from a diferent perspective: the photographer’s hurdles, encounters and the (extra)ordinary daily life. Reaching the cape is an inner journey, a challenge, a story. A new beginning of Matteo’s life as a professional photographer.

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